Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned    

the unexpected triathlete

This training this is hard! Especially when you are busy as hell, have an active job and tend to overbook yourself (who? Me? Never!!!…well, ok, maybe).

Sometimes, for those of us who like to “push” ourselves, the days when your body refuses to cooperate are really frustrating. My body is exhausted! Yesterday, I actually skipped a run because I was pretty much down for the count at 6pm. Today, I had a brick session planned. I’ve got this new format where I alternate cycling and running for 20 mins, then 10, then 5. It keeps my short attention span from wandering. Today, I pretty much thought I was going to collapse in the first cycle session. My legs were screaming some at me, using colourful language, I’m sure and I just wanted to quit! But I didn’t, I kept going, whimpering and whining the whole time. I finished my brick…

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Service de Velo – Bike fit

Adjusting your bike to fit your body is something that I’m sure every rider, even the most recreational, is aware of the importance of. Like many, I’ve spent my riding life tweaking my saddle height, swapping stems and nudging cleats until it feels ‘right’.

What’s ‘right’ though? “Well, it’s when your legs fully extend with the heel on the pedal and your back’s nice and straight, isn’t it?”… “No wait, my friend said it’s when your knees are a little bit bent and your arms are straight.”… “The guy at the bike shop told me “it’s when your handlebars overlap your hub so that you can’t see it.”
Well, we’ve all heard the conspiracies on how your bike should fit, but to truly know what’s ‘right’, you should have a professional bike fit; exactly what I finally got around to doing after 10 years in the saddle.
So, off I headed…

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Images from the 2016 Road National Championships

Allez Alain

For the third year in a row I headed off to Mt Buninyong yesterday to watch the Road National Champs. It was an extraordinary day, and perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had at the event. The fact that only 15 of 127 riders finished the men’s race is a testament to what a grueling day in the heat the riders had to endure. Jack Bobridge’s huge breakaway was all the more an achievement in these conditions. I’ve pulled up with sunburn and sore calves just from walking up and down the KOM, so I can’t imagine what surviving the 184km race would feel like, let alone winning after 90km solo!

It was great to spend the day with our little Coburg CC gang. To the riders I knew in both the women’s and men’s events: being able to cheer you on makes the day even more meaningful – so…

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Happy New Year, To You All!

Carolina Evening by Twanetta “Shan” Foote

It’s been about a month since I’ve been on, and a lot has happened. I decided I needed to be me. So in light of having no job, I made one by starting my own Design Firm, like I always wanted. I should be able to ride a lot more regularly and build my strength. Check me out at , love to see you. I decided to build my, I lost a 100 lbs. bike, on my own with a little help. Santa is delivering late gifts this week. My biggest one being a bike stand. Nothing fancy or expensive.  A Pro Bike 41″To 75″Repair Stand Adjustable W/Telescopic Arm Cycle Bicycle Rack is what they called it – off of eBay. I call it a helping hand, lol. I also have been working on an art project about my city. It’s my first real go at photography as an art. I’m a painter, so I’ll try to apply some of those same skills to take photographs. Soon I will be able to post some of my work here so my friends(you) can see and share with me. As a teaser look at the beautiful evening sky I captured last week. Thanks for hanging in with me. Peace, Love, and great Cycling!