Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned    

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This training this is hard! Especially when you are busy as hell, have an active job and tend to overbook yourself (who? Me? Never!!!…well, ok, maybe). Sometimes, for those of us who like to “push” ourselves, the days when your body refuses to cooperate are really frustrating. My body…

Service de Velo – Bike fit

Adjusting your bike to fit your body is something that I’m sure every rider, even the most recreational, is aware of the importance of. Like many, I’ve spent my riding life tweaking my saddle height, swapping stems and nudging cleats until it feels ‘right’. What’s ‘right’ though? “Well, it’s when your legs fully extend with the…

Images from the 2016 Road National Championships

Originally posted on Allez Alain:
For the third year in a row I headed off to Mt Buninyong yesterday to watch the Road National Champs. It was an extraordinary day, and perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had at the event. The fact that only 15 of 127 riders finished the men’s race is a…

Happy New Year, To You All!

It’s been about a month since I’ve been on, and a lot has happened. I decided I needed to be me. So in light of having no job, I made one by starting my own Design Firm, like I always wanted. I should be able to ride a lot more regularly and build my strength….