Double Standards in Sports

` There are two standards in sports and it needs to stop. As a female athlete it disturbs me that, I am gauged not solely for my performance on the court, field or road but by another level of scrutiny. Why can’t women including myself just be considered athletes. Why should anyone’s husband, coach, or…

happy birthday Monsieur Roubaix —

On the 4th of August 1972, an official sponsoring agreement was signed between ALFREDO GIOS (Bici Gios Torino) and GIORGIO PERFETTI owner of the world famous chewing-gum brand «Brooklyn-la Gomma del Ponte» giving birth for 5 years (1973-1977) to one of the most successful professional cycling teams ever existed: the «Brooklyn» team. The following year,…

Weight Loss

Congratulations. I’m on that same journey. finally in a place to try once again.. Thanks for the inspiration.

No Arms, No Legs, No Problem

Here is someone else that made my day…. And the Title is his words… No Arms, No Legs, No Problem Nick Vujicic – Attitude is / Life Without

Every Time I’m Down I Look At This!!!!

I was needing a pick me up, I guess. Every time I’m thinking on my journey and how it has come short so far, this amazing gentleman shows up. I’ve been on the journey of losing 100 lbs. for two years now and there just seems to be a medical issue every time I get…