Hello again, it’s me :)


coloring_yin_yang_gratuitWell, I have been a bad girl. I haven’t been around for a month or so, a lot has happened in that time. I transitioned from one business to another to follow my passion, cooking. I am proud new owner of a lil bake shop called: Grandma’s Bake Shop. Check us out here on WordPress as well, or head over to Facebook and check us out there. This is the reason for my absence. It has literally taken over most of my time while setting up. It’s now to a place where I’m starting to return to a somewhat normal schedule, lol at least for now. Now I have two journeys for you to follow, one personal and one business. Hope you enjoy both. On to bikes …. My next post here will be on a my new auto shift bike I found at Goodwill for $24. I’m so excited to share it with you. I don’t know much about them, so if any of you do please share some insight into the world of auto shifts. Thank you for listening, and see you soon my friends.


Everything Is Frequency & DNA Is the Ultimate Antenna

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Snooze 2 Awaken

Josh Richardson

Your entire existence … all matter, all life, all experiences—everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency.

Every emotion, including love and hate, tunes into a specific frequency. Health has a frequency. Disease has frequency. Your organs are each tuned to a specific frequency as is your entire body which resonates at its own frequency. You are a symphony of frequencies while you project yourself through this universe and create your physical reality.

You are a master of your energy, and thus you are able to control everything you are, everything you do, everything you experience. From the day you are born until the day you die, nothing will ever change the fact that you are both a frequency emitter and receiver in flux with your internal and external…

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