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Eat yourself fit – Nutrition for weight loss

Eat yourself fit – Nutrition for weight loss
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Indoor Cycling Etiquette

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As the snow begins to fall and we retreat into garages, basements, and to indoor cycling studios, it’s probably a good time to catch up on indoor cycling etiquette. Even as Zwift takes over the world, you may be tempted to take a class at a local studio or even an elite training facility to take your fitness to a new level. The change from training in your own pain cave to riding stationarily with others can be a great change of pace, bringing about a fun, social aspect to training, and help you stave off the seasonal affect disorder that makes you curl into a ball and sob when the sun goes down at 4pm. But there’s a huge difference between training in your own home and riding with others. Here’s an etiquette refresher and a little incentive to give riding nowhere with other people a try.

  1. Keep Your…

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Being Responsible

So today they held a memorial service for one of our presidents. I didn’t agree with majority of his political views but I, as a human wish Mr.Bush well on his journey after death. I totally agree with Michelle Obama’s kind farewell words. We have to pull back and realize no matter our differences we are all human. We all have both positive and negative energies within us. So no one is greater than the other. We are all One. We shouldn’t judge. Think of this if you think of him as negative, learn something from the experience it turns into a positive. A lot of positive things happen because of negative catalysts in our lives we just fail to recognize their significances. Think if there was no Judas, we wouldn’t be saved. If no dark, no light. If no light, no dark. Godspeed Mr.Bush.

Big Hills and Big Cities: Sam’s Summer Cycling Plans


In my no excuses winter cycling plan I talked about making big summer cycling commitments as one of the ways I motivate myself to train for cycling through the cold snowy months of winter.

I thought I’d share those summer commitments with you. Now I’m doubly committed. I planned to do the thing and I told you about it.

In May Sarah, Jeff, and I kick things off with the Five Boros Bike Tour.

“The Five Boro Bike Tour is an annual recreational cycling event in New York City. It is produced by Bike New York. Conducted on the first Sunday of May, the 40-mile ride includes over 30,000 riders. The route takes riders through all five of New York’s boroughs and across five major bridges.”

Sarah and I did it in 2017. See our blog post 5 boros, 32,000 riders, 40 miles, 0 cars, and 1 great day, #tdfbbt

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Angel Island Immigration Station Museum


Although I’d been to Angel Island before, I’d not been to the Immigration Station Museum (current State Parks’ site, also more info at this page from the 150th anniversary of the California State Parks in 2014.) Housed in the detention barracks of the station, the museum tells the story of the site’s 30 years as the West Coast’s Ellis Island. Those years: 1910 – 1940 featured many policies which were actually focused on excluding immigrants from Pacific Rim countries, and Angel Island was a point of enforcement.

The site was also used as a detainment center during WWII, but then abandoned and fell into disrepair, eventually being slated for demolition in 1970. Fortunately, before this occurred, Chinese poetry was rediscovered – carved into the walls of the barracks by the immigrant occupants, leading to renewed interest in the site and its preservation. Bay Area Asian Americans banded together and created…

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Hi, The Journey Continues…

Once again I come to you after being away somewhat. I have had so many projects going on at the same time. I want you all to know I haven’t forgotten you. I’m still here and will be finally starting to connect the dots so I can catch you up on the journey. I am in the process of refurbishing our old bikes. So I will keep you posted on that. This is the next phase and I want you along to share with. So stay tuned more original sh*t to come. Love, hugs and peace. You guys will remember the bikes from pics about 4 years ago… We are gonna be working on them. Smiling. Laters Fam.