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8ED2DE96-8150-40ED-9860-8604F552DB66Instacart is an app that allows you to get products delivered to you for a few dollars, $5.99 here in Charlotte, NC. They will do your shopping for you. This is so worth it. We will use them like others use other apps or sites like Trifecta, Hello Fresh, etc. We couldn’t afford the fees of most of these but wanted to have the service. So I went looking. I have a slight advantage maybe… I’m a Chef so meal planning for us was easy for me. If you find this to be stressful part of your Nutritional Planning then source out. I will be beginning a section for meal plans to help you out. You can also source hundreds of meals and meal plans on Google, Pinterest, even YouTube. Be creative and ask your friends and family for their favorite healthy meals and snacks. Gather these all in one place so they are readily available, then plug and play each week. Make your grocery list from the things you need to make each meal. Stay tuned as we go more into Meal Planning and Healthy Eating..

Indoor Cycling Etiquette

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As the snow begins to fall and we retreat into garages, basements, and to indoor cycling studios, it’s probably a good time to catch up on indoor cycling etiquette. Even as Zwift takes over the world, you may be tempted to take a class at a local studio or even an elite training facility to take your fitness to a new level. The change from training in your own pain cave to riding stationarily with others can be a great change of pace, bringing about a fun, social aspect to training, and help you stave off the seasonal affect disorder that makes you curl into a ball and sob when the sun goes down at 4pm. But there’s a huge difference between training in your own home and riding with others. Here’s an etiquette refresher and a little incentive to give riding nowhere with other people a try.

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Being Responsible

So today they held a memorial service for one of our presidents. I didn’t agree with majority of his political views but I, as a human wish Mr.Bush well on his journey after death. I totally agree with Michelle Obama’s kind farewell words. We have to pull back and realize no matter our differences we are all human. We all have both positive and negative energies within us. So no one is greater than the other. We are all One. We shouldn’t judge. Think of this if you think of him as negative, learn something from the experience it turns into a positive. A lot of positive things happen because of negative catalysts in our lives we just fail to recognize their significances. Think if there was no Judas, we wouldn’t be saved. If no dark, no light. If no light, no dark. Godspeed Mr.Bush.