The Skegvegas Road Trip!

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

IMG_8118 The clock tower having made it to Skegness!

A century was on my ‘cycling to do list’ for this year and I had initially thought that I would target this around spring time, but then I met Annie and all sensible and reasonable expectations went out of the window a little. I very quickly found myself doing longer and longer rides. By February this year the big one hundred was ticked off the list, and I couldn’t quite believe I had cycled one hundred miles either! 

So earlier this year Annie had mentioned about entering a 100 mile from Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire to Skegness. It was sold to me that after you get out of Leicestershire it’s all flat landscape, and that you nearly always have the wind on your side for this route. And so I agreed to take part! However I also found myself being talked into the…

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