This unknown exercise hack may you bigger and more toned, study says.

Will give this a try. sounds interesting.

Is it healthful?

Short ‘n’ healthful article:

You’re a few months into a resistance training program. Good work! You achieved some nice gains (bro) initially, but now you’ve plateaued. You’re flat and you know it!  You want to change things up, but simply don’t know how. Before you raise this global issue with the UN, why not try this little exercise hack?


What is this hack you speak of?

Agh yes, a superb question, Sir/Madam!  The hack is to perform a set of a weightlifting exercise at a low load – approximately 20% of your one rep max – until failure before you commence your traditional resistance training program.  Ideally this exercise should incorporate as many muscle groups you’re about to work as possible.


Why would I ever, ever do that?

Brilliant question again.  Performing exhaustive exercise before weightlifting will only make my performance worse, right? Wrong! Maybe.

The premise is that this…

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