The spice that might give you the edge over your competitors!

Is it healthful?

Short ‘n’ healthful article:

Another day, another absurd food product. Today’s food (spice) has been hot for a while now, both in temperature and popularity. I am, of course, talking about turmeric.  According to the superfoodies out there, if you’re not consuming turmeric on the regular, you’re not shit!  More recently, those superfoodies have taken a particular interest in the effects of turmeric on exercise recovery.  Personally I think that food products in isolation are overhyped and have minimal effect on health and exercise performance. Particularly considering most people haven’t got their diets or training regimes right in the first place. But opinions aside, I thought I would have a very brief look at the science on turmeric.  So, this has led me to ask: should you forgo, or embrace that pre-exercise chicken tandoori?


The science:

As I am incredibly time poor at the moment, I’m only going to have…

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