Kit Review – Embers Merino, ‘Glow’ Jersey


Embers Merino ‘Glow’ short sleeved jersey – £95

Embers Merino are a self-styled ‘UK specialist in outdoor merino clothing’ based in Derbyshire, and a quick scan of their website certainly suggests they know their stuff when it comes to that most cyclist friendly wool. I couldn’t wait to give their ‘Glow’ mid-weight jersey a try.

I grew up in Derbyshire, as it happens, and I can vouch for the fact that it’s prime cycling country and a real hidden gem when it comes to wild country roads and impossibly picturesque villages. I can’t help feeling I should have headed back to my home county and tested the ‘Glow’ on it’s own turf, but it wasn’t to be (sometimes life gets in the way).

My usual Lancashire lanes would have to do.

Anyone unfamiliar with modern cycling kit made from wool might be struggling with the thought of a scratchy, itchy…

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  1. bicycley says:

    hey! Im a girl with a bike too!! Check out my blog, im really enjoying yours!!

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    1. thank you. your blog is lovely. look forward to seeing your bike. maybe i’ll take the bike building challenge too, lol. seems easier than picking one out.


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